Greenlake Capital LLC

new york city

Since 1998

performing due diligence on hedge fund managers

partnering with our clients to find opportunities.

Our culture

candid judgement

timely implementation

forward thinking

our knowledge

shared with you to improve each other

our backyard

our view

a partner

can anticipate what the other cannot & take action to enhance the outcome for both

we don't think Greenlake Capital should be your only source of portfolio advice, or your first

but our insight will make the difference

we know hedged equity
we've top-graded more than 1000 managers

you will differentiate lucky outcomes from repeatable ones

we've sifted through hedged equity investment opportunities since 1998

you can use one or two things we've learned along the way

in fact, we're kind of obsessed with meeting managers

you will know their strengths, weaknesses & how they will protect you

Greenlake Capital

a partner

our research

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